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    Today’s independent physician is facing economic challenges by handling necessary medical information sharing without being compensated for the request. Physicians currently field an average of 10 calls per medical request order. Not only is this process time-consuming, but physicians do not have the means to bill for the records or know what to charge. Physicians can be missing up to $1,000 per month in lost revenue as a result. Hello Health is committed to helping physicians improve operational efficiency in the practice, while generating incremental revenue, and ensuring they can care for the patients who rely on them. What has been historically a labor-intensive process can now be handled electronically through a secure digital platform.

    Hello Health RapidRecords (powered by 5 O’Clock Records) makes it possible for physicians to direct any requests for medical records to the RapidRecords portal where requesters log in, input data, upload authorizations and pay market rates for copies—all electronically. When a physician receives a request, he or she refers the requester to the site, where requesters make payment online. Once fees are agreed upon and paid, the physician digitally sends the patient’s medical record from the Hello Health platform to RapidRecords, which uploads it to the secure website and shares it electronically with the requester. It’s quick, simple and allows Hello Health users to be paid for the work they’re doing every day! Learn more at

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