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6.3 Release Note

In version 6.3, changes to the provider’s interface include:

  • Out of office option allows a provider to transfer the refill requests to another provider for a period of time
  • Staff may now be given the privilege to prescribe on behalf of a provider
  • Approver name displayed when approving a request
  • New insurance section in the eRx summary screen displays the benefits information which is also sent to the pharmacy
  • New “Process-Not verified” request/refill status
  • Refill screen enhancements; displaying both dispensed and prescribed medication and a simplified means to document the number of refills
  • Matching patients for refill requests is now easier as the application displays possible patient matches.
  • New option to include/not include pharmacy information when printing a prescription
  • Enhanced pharmacy search, supporting search for 24-hour pharmacies and pharmacy type
  • New confirmation when e-prescribing a custom medication to confirm it is not a controlled substance

For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.

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