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6.1 Release Note

In version 6.1, changes to the provider’s interface include:

  • A new Sticky Note feature allows providers and staff to document non-clinical personal notes and reminders about a patient.
  • CDC Immunization Schedules can now be accessed from the patient record.
  • Vaccine brand names are now supported when documenting immunizations.
  • Social History section of the EHR has been enhanced to support pediatric-specific history and a new Living, Food and Hygiene section has been added.
  • CDS alerts now display with a yellow highlight so that they catch the user eye at a glance.
  • Exact patient percentile is now also displayed in the growth charts and tables, making it easier to assess the growth of a child at a glance.
  • Enhanced advanced search capabilities for Membership Plans.
  • Patient Panel screen now allows searching using patient phone numbers.
  • All patient phone numbers now displayed in the Patient Card.
  • It is now possible to document all patient phone numbers (home, mobile and work) when creating a New Patient Account from an Appointment.
  • Patient list results exported to Excel now include columns with phone numbers, email and home address.

For full details, access our online videos, offering a closer look at the most recent changes in the Hello Health platform.

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