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5.5 Release Note – Prescription benefit, medication history

In version 5.5, changes to the provider’s interface include:

  • Export of the patient list to an Excel file
  • Better display of EHR data in the appointment
  • Export of the clinical summary directly from the visit
  • Modifications to the prescription process:
    • Display of prescription refill types
    • Refill creation and edition from existing medication
    • Saving of pharmacy in patient record
    • Automatic save when printing prescriptions
    • Prescription benefits and medication history
  • Modifications to the lab process:
    • Addition of Last update column
    • Red display for abnormal results
    • Removal of the Signed status when a new result is added
    • Improvements in the Performing Sites box
    • Default billing type configuration
    • New lab integration with LabCorp
    • Support of multiple PDF lab results

Read more about release 5.5:

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