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    Hello Health

    Hello! Do you have any questions about Version 7 of the Hello Health platform? Please share your experiences, challenges or tips!

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    Carlos riveros

    Whi has been so difficult to have ONLY the ACTIVE medicatiĆ³n in the summary?
    Second : can the visit in the system include the list of medication active that specific date of the visit?

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    Hello Dr. Riveros,

    We have already transferred your suggestion to our Product Management Team. Thank you for your contributions and patience.

    In regards to your second question, when documenting a visit, seeing the list of Active meds, this is already possible via the EHR summary. Also, the exported Clinical Summary shows the medications administered on a specific visit.

    The Hello Health Support Team

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    Carrie Jacobs

    We would like to have the option of confirming appointments in the office as well. Our patients are mostly elderly and do not access the computer.We still have to call them to confirm appointments. We need a drop down that says we called and have the option of left message, no answer, etc. Also it would be really nice to be able to see tasks given to us from the provider while we are in the provider mode/site. It seems ridiculous to change the screen just to see if there are tasks. We are logged in under our own log in so why do we need to switch these. Also there should be a way to add tests to the lab for at least 24 hours. They should not be something that cannot be reversed. There is also a new glitch that if by chance there is something put in a daily chart note ahead of the appt. and the patient does not show up, we cant cancel the appointment because it acts as though they checked in. Also it would be nice to have the option to put the reason they canceled or rescheduled. Too many things to list.

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    Catherine Toro

    Hello Carrie,

    Thank you very much for your great suggestions and comments.

    I have forwarded your request to our Support Team, for assistance. Our Support Team will make sure to submit your suggestions to confirm appointments for patients with the ability to add notes such as no answer, left message etc, to our Product Management Team, for review.

    In the report of your suggestions, we will include the request to access tasks while working on behalf a provider and to edit labs for at least 24 hours after being submitted.

    About the glitch on the system, please note that a visit cannot be cancelled if it has already been documented. To investigate the possible glitch and ensure is corrected, we invite you to submit your request to our Support Team at


    Catherine Toro
    The Hello Health Support Team

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    Sean McCloy, MD MPH MA

    Strongly suggest the option to hide Tasks until the start date arrives. This would clean up the Tasks list, and allow Tasks to pop-up when they are due. Also suggest option to have a repeating Task. For instance, checking diabetes labs every 3 months. I don’t want all those to appear in the Tasks list all the time (unless I enable that level of reveal).

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

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    Catherine Toro

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    This request has been made by a number of practices, and it is currently being reviewed for future versions of Hello Health. We recognize that this would help clear up work-flows and save staff’s time. I am adding your practice to the list of those requesting the feature.


    Grayson Suorez
    The Hello Health Support Team

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    shawn hamilton, md, mba

    Review lab is a very time consuming process and I have a few suggestions.

    Could you create a “next lab” button at the right lower corner so I don’t have to scroll up again to view the next lab when I am reviewing the lab? so I don’t have to scroll up again and move the curse to the left side of the screen to hit the “back” button from the right side of the screen as I scroll to the top.

    Could you put the options on the right top corder (share, archive etc.send msg to pt etc.) to the lower portion next to remark, so that I don’t have to scroll up again after finishing reviewing that lab report.

    If there is a easier workflow to view one lab after another and document without scrolling up and down, left and right of the page, please let me know.

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    Catherine Toro

    Hello Dr. Hamilton,

    Thank you for taking the time to send your question to us.

    The faster and more effective workflow to review labs is the one you described in your post.

    I have transferred your suggestions of enhancements to our Production Development Team, for review.

    We will let you know if there are any updates in the Labs section, in the very near future.

    Kind regards,

    Eduardo Garcia
    The Hello Health Support Team

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    Bruce Eisenberg

    Are we able to sign in and get all messages and labs yet from our Samsung android phones?

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      Grayson Suorez

      Are we able to sign in and get all messages and labs yet from our Samsung android phones?

      Dr. Esienberg,

      Our product management team is working, over the long-term, to move a number of the platform’s functions into a format that will be compatible with web browsers on tablets and phones. However, this is an involved, long-term project that we cannot currently speculate an ETA for. For the moment, we strongly caution against using the platform from a phone or tablet, and suggest using the platform only over Google Chrome from a laptop or desktop computer.

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    Dawn Motyka

    In writing Rx’s for things like glucose monitors, elbow splints and other items I get frustrated by the limited vocabulary in the two “type of item” fields in eRx. The word splint for example, does not exist in the bottom box which is a required field. Strips, splints, lancets, box, device are words that should appear in both the upper field and the bottom line next to “number of”. A FREE TEXT OPTION would rock. Any workarounds for this?
    Dr. Dawn

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      Grayson Suorez

      A FREE TEXT OPTION would rock. Any workarounds for this?

      Dr. Motyka,

      This is an enhancement request that is currently under review. I have added your practice to those requesting this feature, and we will let you know as soon as we have the issue resolved. For the moment, the simplest work-around will be to let us know via email what options you would like, and we should be able to add these with a fairly-quick turn-around.

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    Farah Sultan

    Has anyone been using the chronic condition management code- how has the experience been? Any tips?

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      Grayson Suorez

      Chronic care management is a great opportunity that many practices are missing out on today. Because of the huge time commitment required to maintain CCM and the overwhelming compliance qualifiers, many of our practices were coming to us looking for support. Hello Health is quickly becoming a leader in the emerging Chronic Care Market. We have formulated a program for Chronic Care Management that takes all of the burden off of the office, while adding a new revenue stream to your office, a higher level of care for your patients and a peak compliance with CMS. To learn more please contact us at

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